Ingredients of Raw Power XL

The manufacturer of the product is badly known and provides very little information about the ingredients it contains. However, we made a research and found out that each capsule of Raw Power XL contains Sarsaparilla, Wild Yam Extract, Epimedium (Horny Goat Weed), Saw Palmetto, Orchic, Boron Amino Acid Chelate, and Tongkat Ali. Is there any science behind these ingredients? Unfortunately, not. Saw Palmetto is possibly effective for reducing BPH-related swelling, which might incfuence erectile function. But there is no evidence that it can really be beneficial in the issue. There is some evidence showing that Tongkat Ali (longjack or eurycoma longifolia) may improve sperm concentration and quality in infertile men. However, there is no evidence to prove its effectiveness for improving sexual function.

There is lack of clinical evidence demonstrating that the ingredients in Raw Power XL can deliver any of the benefits promised by the manufacturer. Even if they were proven to be effective, there is no information on how much of each ingredient is contained in the supplement. Thus, we don't know if they are enough to deliver any positive results. The company does not include evidence of any tests, researches, or studies dedicated to the benefits, efficacy or performance of any of the product's ingredients. Some of its components can lead to unpleasant side effects that will be described in the next section of this review.

Where To Buy Raw Power XL?

The only way to purchase the supplement from the official website is through a 14-day trial. To get a full-size bottle (60 capsules), you will have to pay a $4.95 shipping. This might sound like a good idea at first but after your trial ends, you will be automatically billed the full price of $85.95. Besides, you will continue getting a new bottle each month and your credit card will be charged $85.95 plus shipping on a monthly basis. For details, call the customer service at 877-516-7511.

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